Zero To Production In Rust

An introduction to backend development

Zero To Production is the ideal starting point for your journey as a Rust backend developer.
You will learn by doing: you will build a fully functional email newsletter API, starting from scratch.

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You'll learn how to:

  • Navigate and leverage Rust's crates ecosystem
  • Structure your application to make it modular and extensible
  • Write tests, from single units to full-blown integration tests
  • Enforce your domain invariants using Rust's type system
  • Authenticate and authorize users of your API
  • Implement a robust error handling strategy
  • Observe the state of your application using structured logs
  • Set up an extensive continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline for your Rust projects

All code comes attached to the book, tests included.

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Early Access

Zero To Production In Rust is not complete yet - you will get early access!

You will get immediate access to the first ten chapters (316 pages) in PDF, ePUB, MOBI.
All the source code is attached.

A new chapter is released every month. The book should be complete in 2021.
You will be notified and be able to download new chapters as soon as they are ready!

What Readers Are Saying

Sold more than 2000 copies.
Over a hundred 5⭐-reviews on Gumroad.

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Gilgw on Reddit

“One of the best introductions to Rust for web devs”

This has the workings of being one of the best introductions to Rust for web devs: the explanations are really clear and almost of all my questions get immediately answered in the very next paragraph, as if the author was secretly a mind reader.

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About the author

My name is Luca Palmieri and I’m a Principal Engineer at TrueLayer.
I am a co-organiser of the Rust London User Group, an OpenSource contributor and a public speaker.

Zero To Production In Rust is informed by my experience at TrueLayer, running tens of Rust production services to power our core payment platform.

I am also the author of several Rust crates and a workshop to get people started with Rust.

I have been speaking regularly at meetups and conferences. You can find the recordings of my past talks here.

You can find me on Twitter, on GitHub or on my blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read the book if I have never used Rust before?


Zero To Production does its best to explain the main language constructs and concepts along the way.

If you have previous experience in another modern programming language and you keep the Rust book close you should not have any issue following along.
If you are not sure, check out the book sample before buying!

Do I need previous experience in backend development?

Not at all!

Zero To Production is designed as introduction to backend development: we do spend a significant amount of time talking about specific libraries and tools (we are doing it for real, after all!), but the underlying concepts and the rationale behind our choices are thoroughly explained, without assuming that the reader has worked on similar problems before. Check the book sample for a taste!

I like to say that Zero To Production shows you how the pros do it: we talk at length about observability, ease of operation, system design issues - topics that are often skipped or merely mentioned in "hands-on" backend books.

Can I have a look at the code before buying?

Sure thing - the whole API project that we build throughout the book is publicly available on GitHub.

If I buy early access, do I get the new chapters as they are released?


Every time a new chapter of Zero To Production is released you will receive an email to notify you that new content is available.
You can also download the newest version of the book at any point in time from Gumroad - even a year from now, if a new edition comes out!

What if I buy it and then I hate it?

No biggie - send an email to contact @ and I'll give you a refund.

The book looks cool, but it's way too expensive for me!

If you are a student, unemployed or you just can't afford it right now send an email to contact @ - we'll sort it out!

If I find an error or a typo, how do I report it?

Send an email to contact @ - I am extremely grateful to all readers reporting issues!

What if I want to buy a copy of the book for my whole team?

On Gumroad's checkout page you can find both a team (up to 8) and a company (>8) license!